Caitlin Worthington
Wednesday 2 September 2015

ENSEMBLE MAGAZINE: Piecing together the daily puzzle called life


Tutorial: Cute beehive ponytail

How cute is this retro take on a ponytail? We sure love a good beehive. This hairstyle looks super complicated, but it’s easier than it looks. Curl your hair first. Divide your hair into a top and bottom part and make a ponytail out of the bottom part. Divide the top part of your hair in three sections. Tease each section, twist it and pin it to the ponytail. For more instructions, you can go here.

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Help onze stagiair met afstuderen!

Hoi lezer van NSMBL,

Help onze stagiair met afstuderen en doe mee aan zijn onderzoek. Het onderzoek duurt slechts 5 minuten.

Alvast erg bedankt voor het meewerken.


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