Caitlin Worthington
Sunday 30 August 2015

ENSEMBLE MAGAZINE: Piecing together the daily puzzle called life

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The very impressive list of John Mayer’s ex-girlfriends

Now that John Mayer has allegedly broken up with Katy Perry in an e-mail (how classy), we thought it was a good time to look back on the trail of shattered hearts Mr. Mayer is leaving behind. He’s basically dated every Hollywood A-lister, model, songstress and, well, Ke$ha. It goes to show that guys with a certain reputation usually don’t change.

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Help onze stagiair met afstuderen!

Hoi lezer van NSMBL,

Help onze stagiair met afstuderen en doe mee aan zijn onderzoek. Het onderzoek duurt slechts 5 minuten.

Alvast erg bedankt voor het meewerken.


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